• Save the Kiwi

    Joining Forces with Save the Kiwi to Protect New Zealand's Iconic Bird. Utilizing Genetic Insights to Safeguard the Future of Kiwi Populations.

  • Pukaha National Wildlife Centre

    Partnering with Pukaha National Wildlife Centre to Safeguard the Genetic Heritage of New Zealand's Wildlife.

  • New Zealand Warmblood Association

    Partnering with the New Zealand Warmblood Association to Elevate Equine Breeding Standards.

  • New Zealand Hanoverian Society

    Empowering the Excellence of Hanoverian Breeding with the New Zealand Hanoverian Society.

  • American Quarter Horse Association

    Revolutionizing Performance and Pedigree Evaluation with the American Quarter Horse Association.

  • New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing

    Empowering New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing using our parentage analysis.

  • Massey University Wildbase Hospital

    Collaborating with Massey University Wildbase Hospital to Advance Wildlife Health and Conservation Efforts.