International Orders

If you are sending samples internationally / from outside of New Zealand:

Please click here to download our PERMIT TO IMPORT RESTRICTED BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS document. (Please note the import permit only applies to animal samples being sent directly to our facility, at the address below).

This must be printed then folded with the heading facing outwards, and taped to the outside of your package.  Or, insert the printed document into an envelope with the words 'Import Permit Enclosed' and tape to the outside of your package.

Please download  and fill in the health declaration and put it in the package with your samples.

*To help get your package through customs and biosecurity checks in good time-please add `MPIPS 0008in large font to the outside of your package.

Courier Address to send samples:

Massey University Campus
1 Workshop Road
Palmerston North 4410
New Zealand
Phone: (+64) 022 026 1457