Service & Admin Fees

Service & Admin Fees


Manual Order Submission - $10-$20

For orders not submitted online, we can input this for you.  Cost is additional $10.00 for orders of 1-5 samples. For orders of 6 samples or more, cost is additional $20.00.


Reissue a result certificate - $15.00

Only available to original submitter of the sample tested.


Further analysis of parentage - $15.00

E.g. paternity carried out originally, and now needing a full parentage verification.


DNA Profile Data Entry - $5.00

Enter/import an animal's DNA profile that was generated by another laboratory.


Urgent Test Service - $30.00 per test or $50 for more than one test.

For urgent testing we AIM to complete within 3-5 working days (instead of our standard 5-10 working days).  Please note this is only available for testing performed by InfogeneNZ.  



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